March Update

The weather has been really nice this last couple of weeks, with lots of sun and enough rain. We also didn’t have much frost since February. The plants are developing accordingly really fast.

Abeliophyllum distichum is flowering, finally, with a lovely scent. The normal Forsythia , which it is closely related to, is just a week behind, so I think the Abeliophyllum may be a bit late.

Comparing the two Aristotelia species I have in my garden, one difference is showing particularly well in winter: A. chilensis has strikingly reddish stems, almost like a Cornus sanguinea. The branches of A. serrata on the other hand, go from red into a deep black. Both are doing fine, even though they lost their leaves (like last year).

Brachyglottis greyi ‚Sunshine‘ came through the harsh winter pretty much unscathed.

The bright yellow flowers of Cornus mas ‚Kazanlak‘ will soon turn into tasty fruit. This cultivar has bigger, pear-shaped fruit.

I don’t know how this Eucalyptus gunnii will handle my winters. It probably won’t look like this after our winter cold, because I planted this one only recently.

Iris reticulata ‚Harmony‚ is already done with its show for this year. But luckily I was able to capture its short-lived beauty.

Ribes sanguineum looks quite similar to R. malvaceum, but the latter seems to be blooming a bit earlier. Another difference is the smell of its leaves. R. malvaceum smells intoxicating.


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