End of March Update

After the coldest January mean temperature for over 30 years we had an overly warm February and the second warmest March ever. At least, the plants are happy.

Sorbus rosea from the Western Himalyas looks great in spring. But it doesn’t perform well the rest of the year, for me. The leaves brown early. Last year it had berries for th first time, they tasted disgusting.

Just your regular old Bellis perennis. They’re flowering since the end of winter.

Polystichum polyblepharum has hairy fronds. A lovely, easy fern.

I don’t think Pseudowintera colorata is a zone 9 plant. It survived this winter protected with mulch perfectly and is even flowering now.

Aronia melanocarpa ‚Viking‘ flower buds. This plant fruits even as a tiny shrub.

Flower buds of Elaeagnus umbellata.

Argyrocytisus battandieri ‚Yellow Tail‘ lost most of it leaves, but is now comingback strong.

Ligularia fischeri var. megalorhiza ‚Cheju Charmer‘ will get huge. In the front, Carex morrowii ‚Variegata‘ is poking out.

Epimedium rubrum flower buds.

I thought this Erica arborea was developing flower buds, but looking at the photo again, it seems it’s just growing new leaves.

This weedy Plantago lanceolata looks awesome right now.

The foliage of Erythronium tuolumnense x californicum ‚Pagoda‘ looks honestly nicer than its pale yellow flowers.

Even though the flowers of Ribes malvaceum don’t pop like those of Ribes sanguineum, they have this irresistible scent like its foliage.

Ribes sanguineum.

This is a tiny Berberis darwinii and it already wants to put blooms out. smh.

Out of focus seedlings of Bulbine bulbosa. I may be able to grow this Australian bulb as a self-sowing annual.

I love the combination of Coprosma acerosa var. brunnea and Muehlenbeckia axillaris. They’re small and visually engaging.

It hink those are flowers on my Distylium myricoides. Cool!

Those are definitely flowers. Peach grown from seed.

Veronica persica is a weed, but managable and lovely at the moment.


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