Tuesday Garden Tour

We have summer-like, very dry weather with temperatures sometimes above 20°C.

Epimedium rubrum in full flower.

Tasmannia lanceolata ‚Red Spice‘ survived our overly cold January and is blooming now.

This was sold to me as Rhamnus californica, but it looks like your plain old Rhamnus frangula aka Frangula alnus. Though this one is definitely different than our native species because it’s (semi-)evergreen. We will probably find out this year, there are flower buds, the berries will tell.

Aristotelia chilensis is sprouting back. First at the base, later on on the rest of plant. The wood was unprotected during winter, yet there is only minimal die-back.

Olearia virgata lineata is surprisingly hardy. It’s coming back fine.

Rhaphithamnus spinosus on the other hand doesn’t seem to be very hardy. Everything above ground-level dies back and the plant doesn’t want to be a ground-cover! Though it is flowering for the first time.

Another slender plant from New Zealand that came back unscathed like Olearia is Hoheria angustifolia. This one was only covered at the base, so it was withstanding th full force of our minimum temp of -11°C.

For some reason I’m collecting Ribes species. Probably because they’re so easy to grow. This one is Ribes cynosbati.

And here we have Ribes sachalinense. Both species are deciduous.


2 Kommentare zu „Tuesday Garden Tour“

  1. Heller Butterkohl,

    ich suche diese Sorte zwecks eigener Nachzucht. Wo haben Sie denn Samen dazu her? Haben Sie eine Quelle dazu? Wo kann ich diesen bestellen?

    Beste Grüße,

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