Before and After Frost

We had very bad frost after an extremely warm spring. It got down to -2,5°C.
Some plants are set back drastically. Others got through without a wince.

I was very excited when my Rhaphithamnus spinosus flowered for the first time. It got beaten badly by the frost. There will definitely be no lilac-colored berries this year. Also, it is really only marginally hardy. The top half of the plant always freezes off in my location.

Ceanothus gloriosus x masonii ‚Blue Jeans‘ is an other matter altogether. It came through winter and this late frost perfectly and is still flowering. I love this plant!

The foliage of Morus alba looks very delicate, and it is. It’s all gone now.

Zanthoxylum simulans got hurt badly.

Schisandra chinensis before frost. It got frosted, but I think the flowers are okay.

Crispy Diospyros kaki ‚Chocolate‘

Akebia trifoliata flowered! Maybe I will get fruit. The frost only killed the newest growth.

Aronia melanocarpa ‚Viking‘ was totally unfazed. No damage at all.

Aristotelia chilensis was partially damaged.

Many ferns like Cyrtomium fortunei lost their new fronds.

Freeze-dried Decaisnea fargesii.


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