Tuesday Garden Tour

All my Berberis species are blooming at the moment. This is Berberis darwinii.

Ribes sanguineum is fruiting really well this year.

Nothofagus antarctica is a really beautiful plant and very hardy. Sadly it’s not evergreen.

Callistemon sieberi ‚Widdicombe Gem‘ is growing new shoots.

Maianthemum stellatum looks lovely right now. It has one of the best tasting berries I know of.

Corokia cotoneaster is doing surprinsingly well. It seems to be fairly hardy.

The same goes for Olearia virgata lineata. I’m amazed by this plant. It will get huge!

Hymenanthera crassifolia flowered without me noticing. It is already forming a few berries. They’re hard to see.

Grevillea victoriae ‚Murray Valley Queen‘ is a new addition for me. It has beautiful foliage.

Supposedly this is Erodium petraeum. The flowers aren’t what I expected. I’m disappointed with them, but it’s still a beautiful plant.

Comptonia peregrina is very photogenic. A bit underwhelming in real life, to be honest, nonetheless great.

A comparison between my „Rhamnus californica“ (on the left) and a common Frangula alnus. They’re different, but I’m not sure about the identity of that Rhamnus.


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