Tuesday Garden Tour (July ’17)

Lomatia tinctoria is growing very well, with lush new foliage, even though I put in another place this spring and Proteaceae are said to be sensitive to transplanting.

Grevillea alpina ‚Canberra Gem‘ is done flowering by now. It didn’t set seed, sadly.

Argyrocytisus battandieri ‚Yellow Tail‘ on the other hand did set seed.

The flowers of Olearia virgata lineata are very delicate. One shower of rain and they are gone.

Grevillea victoriae ‚Murray Valley Queen‘ has so many flower buds. I’m excited!

Vitex rotundifolia is coming in nicely. I got it this year.

Osteospermum ‚Irish‘ in bright colors.

I saw the flower of Felicia uliginosa, when it was already half-way over.


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