May ’18 Garden Tour

Tetraneuris scaposa looks cheerfull. It’s a bit susceptible to snails.

The star of this year’s winter: Choisya ‚Aztec Pearl‘ wasn’t bothered at all with the -13°C dip. Now it’s in full bloom.

Xanthoceras sorbifolium has stunning blooms and edible nut, though it hasn’t set fruit for me yet. The large leaf on the left is Argyrocytisus battandieri ‚Yellow Tail‘.

It looks like Rhaphiolepis indica will be flowering for the first time. It had no problems with the winter, but that’s maybe just because it’s in a sheltered spot. The wiry plant is Hoheria angustifolia which seems to be hardy although not evergreen.

Flowering Erodium petraeum ‚Katharine Joy‘ is a joy to look at. It is framed by the spiny Ziziphus jujuba on the left, Tetraneuris scaposa on the bottom and Satureja montana ssp. montana in the back.

Rubus acuminatus took the cold spell in winter like a champ. It’s going to flower this year for the first time.

Laureliopsis philippiana is coming back after losing its leaves in winter.

The same goes for Amelanchier denticulata, which I’m very happy about.

I’m not a fan of Penstemon confertus. The color is weak and it flops over. (In the second picture is some foliage of the lovely Prostanthera cuneata)

Both Grevilleas got burnt badly this winter. Grevillea victoriae ‚Murray Valley Queen‘, in the first picture, seems to be better at regenerating than Grevillea alpina ‚Canberra Gem‘ (second picutre).


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