Garden Bloggers‘ Bloom Day – December 2018

After a couple of harder frosts (-3°C/27°F), there aren’t many blooms left in the garden.

A very nice winterbloomer is Viburnum tinus. It got lots of buds, and some of them already opened.

Arbutus unedo ‚Compacta‘ is still blooming away, though the delicious berries are long gone.

My only Camellia (I need more!) has some buds in preparation, for the first time. Will it flower this winter or will the cold get to them first? We’ll see. The cultivar: Camellia sinensis ‚Large Leaf Form‘.

Cytisus scoparius ‚Apricot Gem‘ has a few flowers, which isn’t normal. More blooms are bound to come in spring.

Dalea bicolor has still its foliage, but it’s done with the blooms. Like many other plants…

This late planted Helenium ‚Mardi Gras‘ still wants to push on. Not for long probably.

This Lonicera (noid) has a few blooms every winter. I wish there were more on the plant.

Mahonia media ‚Winter Sun‘ seems to look even better as winter progresses.

Malacomeles (Amelanchier) denticulata should be grown more. It is almost hardy in my climate, not too fussy about the wet weather, and seems to bloom twice a year: Winter and late spring. It’s an evergreen Amelanchier with edible berries from Mexico.

The blooms aren’t really showy, but it got lovely foliage. (Here with spikey Echinacea remnants.)

This Pulsatilla (noid) is flowering for some reason.

Hopefully the blooms of Sarcococca confusa will open soon. A great plant for shade, I want more of.

Tiarella ‚Cascade Creeper‘ is surprisingly blooming.

No blooms, but such nice fall color: Cotinus coggygria ‚Lisjo‘

Garden Bloggers‘ Bloom Day is hosted by May Dreams Garden.


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