Garden Bloggers‘ Bloom Day – April 2019

It has been a lovely spring in Switzerland, so far. Twice, we had almost-frost nights, but there was no damage done to the emerging foliage and blooms. In this blog post, I’m featuring the blooms in my garden. Garden Bloggers‘ Bloom Day is a meme hosted by May Dreams Gardens. Go over there and check out the other participants‘ blooming spectacles.

Akebia trifoliata, or Chocolate vine, fills the air with its heavenly scent (not like chocolate, though).

Amelanchier lamarckii is a nice shrub, commonly grown here. The berries, after the blooms, are delicious.

Arctostaphylos nevadensis is newly acquired and already blooming. It looks similar to A. uva-ursi, but has nicer foliage, imo.

Ceanothus gloriosus x masonii ‚Blue Jeans‘ will soon be in bloom. My favorite Ceanothus! Just look at that foliage!

Epimedium rubrum emerges with flowers and new foliage at the same time.

Also newly acquired: Grevillea juniperina ‚Prostate Red‘. Lots of buds, here’s the most mature of them.

Ribes malvaceum looking really great this year. The foliage is scented, musky!

The blooms of Ribes sanguineum have a stronger color than R. malvaceum. I like the latter better, regardless (scent!).

My worst enemy of all the garden weeds: Muscari neglectum, Grape hyacinth. The grass-like foliage looks so ugly and it’s so hard to get rid of.

A wild tulip, which I planted: Tulipa humilis var. pulchella ‚Alba Caerulea Oculata‘.

Weedy tulips, which I inherited with the garden. And some Bluebells and Hellebores behind.

Myositis, Forget-me-not, to end this post.


2 Kommentare zu „Garden Bloggers‘ Bloom Day – April 2019“

  1. You’re not the first I’ve read today to dislike the grape hyacinths! I love them. Their messy foliage isn’t too nice thought, but I still think they are worth it. Daffodils and tulips leave a bigger mess if you ask me!

    That Grevillea juniperina almost, almost, makes me like a juniper! I thought it was rosemary at first. That would have been fine. But, not junipers. They are what I don’t like!

    1. The big problem I have with the grape hyacinths is how invasive they are. They can seed around, and they have also those tiny bulbils that stay in the ground and form new plants when you pull them out. The flowers of the grape hyacinths have this sickly sweet smell I can’t stand. The big bulbs like tulips and daffodils are easier to keep tidy, in my experience.
      Have a nice Bloom Day!

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