Tuesday Garden Tour (July ’17)

Lomatia tinctoria is growing very well, with lush new foliage, even though I put in another place this spring and Proteaceae are said to be sensitive to transplanting.

Grevillea alpina ‚Canberra Gem‘ is done flowering by now. It didn’t set seed, sadly.

Argyrocytisus battandieri ‚Yellow Tail‘ on the other hand did set seed.

The flowers of Olearia virgata lineata are very delicate. One shower of rain and they are gone.

Grevillea victoriae ‚Murray Valley Queen‘ has so many flower buds. I’m excited!

Vitex rotundifolia is coming in nicely. I got it this year.

Osteospermum ‚Irish‘ in bright colors.

I saw the flower of Felicia uliginosa, when it was already half-way over.


Quick Glance around the Garden

New growth on Agarista populifolia.

Cotula lineariloba blooming.

Debregeasia edulis came back strong. It is said to be a zone 9 plant, it is not.

Crataegus orientalis.

Choisya ‚Aztec Pearl‘ has still some flowers left.

Cute little Pimelea prostrata with cute little blooms.

Crambe cordifolia with Rhamnus californica in the back.

Nymphaea alba.

Tuesday Garden Tour (June ’17)

The first Proteacea ever to flower in my garden! This is Grevillea alpina ‚Canberra Gem‘ and it survived last winter outside.

Some flower buds on Penstemon pinifolius.

My favorite Hebe (no I.D.) is lovely in bloom.

Sinocalycanthus chinensis is flowering for the first time.

Argyrocytisus battandieri ‚Yellow Tail‘ supposedly smells like pineapple. Mine doesn’t really. It’s still a great plant. The white flowers belong to Crambe cordifolia.

I’m very excited that my Leptospermum namadgiensis is blooming. The flowers kinda look like those from raspberries.

Cool tassels on Tradescantia x andersoniana ‚Leonora‘.

End of Month: Flowers!

This Echium russicum is grown from seed. Isn’t it stunning? Unfortunately, the snails like it too; only one plant survived their wrath.

In the shadier part of my garden grows Polygonatum cirrhifolium.

Aquilegia chrysantha with bright yellow flowers; below is some silvery Santolina.

This Kniphofia (no ID) looks very aloe-like. It hasn’t started to bloom quite yet.

Tiny Sisyrinchium angustifolium ‚Devon Skies‘ blooms profusely.

Tradescantia x andersoniana ‚Leonora‘

Potentilla nepalensis just opened its first flower that day!

Tuesday Garden Tour

All my Berberis species are blooming at the moment. This is Berberis darwinii.

Ribes sanguineum is fruiting really well this year.

Nothofagus antarctica is a really beautiful plant and very hardy. Sadly it’s not evergreen.

Callistemon sieberi ‚Widdicombe Gem‘ is growing new shoots.

Maianthemum stellatum looks lovely right now. It has one of the best tasting berries I know of.

Corokia cotoneaster is doing surprinsingly well. It seems to be fairly hardy.

The same goes for Olearia virgata lineata. I’m amazed by this plant. It will get huge!

Hymenanthera crassifolia flowered without me noticing. It is already forming a few berries. They’re hard to see.

Grevillea victoriae ‚Murray Valley Queen‘ is a new addition for me. It has beautiful foliage.

Supposedly this is Erodium petraeum. The flowers aren’t what I expected. I’m disappointed with them, but it’s still a beautiful plant.

Comptonia peregrina is very photogenic. A bit underwhelming in real life, to be honest, nonetheless great.

A comparison between my „Rhamnus californica“ (on the left) and a common Frangula alnus. They’re different, but I’m not sure about the identity of that Rhamnus.